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About Us

   Founded in October 1964, Yiu Lian Dockyards Limited (the Company) is one of the major business units of the China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. The Company is one of the busiest ship repairers in the Far East and one of the biggest in Hong Kong. The Company owns two shipyards: one at Tsing Yi and another at Yam O in Hong Kong and two subsidiaries at Shekou and Zhangzhou in mainland China. It operates totally five floating docks with capacities from 16,000dwt to 180,000dwt and over 1,560 meters of berths. 

    Based on the foundation of Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Ltd, the new shipyard on Mazhou Island with investment amount of nearly RMB$2.5 billion will commence operation by the end of 2007. And this new shipyard will be a world-class ship and offshore engineering structure repair yard.
In addition to focusing on ship repair service, the Company also extends into special services such as offshore oil rig repair, special ship repair, land-based steelwork engineering, habour tugboat services and offshore engineering project. 
    Since its establishment, the Company has committed to provide excellent quality workmanship and technical expertise to every customer. With its experience and comprehensive facilities, the Company undertakes a wide range of repair work from docking repair, annual and special surveys, voyage repair, conversion, damage and emergency repair to all kinds of vessels including the repair of offshore oil rigs, special engineering vessels and land-based structures.
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