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About our Company

China Merchants Industry Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CMI) is a flagship of advanced manufacturing group wholly owned by China Merchants Group (hereinafter referred to as CMG). Inheriting the historical success in shipping and maritime industry of CMG, CMI started its ship-repairing business since 1874 when CMG founded Tongmao Iron Factory.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, CMI has several production and manufacturing bases in the important regions like Yangtze River economic zone, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta area, Bohai Bay, as well as subsidiaries and institutions aboard in Italy, Netherland, Singapore, Finland, Poland and other countries. CMI’s business mainly focuses on five aspects including repairs & conversion, marine & offshore equipment newbuilding, specialized shipbuilding, cruise shipbuilding, new materials and special equipment.

As one of the four central state-owned enterprises in the area of offshore equipment manufacturing, CMI now takes in charge of 9 shipyards and 7 shipbuilding and repairing bases. The entity enterprises include China Merchants Cruises shipbuilding Co., Ltd., China Merchants Heavy Industry (Shenzhen, Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Yiu Lian Dockyards Limited (Hong Kong, Shekou, Zhoushan), Jinling Shipyard (Nanjing, Yizheng) Co., Ltd., and Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou, Weihai) Co., Ltd(Planning) and etc. Emphasizing on technical innovation, CMI has established China Merchants Marine and Offshore Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center, China Merchants Deepsea Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Merchants Cruise Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Merchants Industry Development Research Center, and other Research and Development Platform and Technology Innovation Platform. CMI also has academician workstation and over 1500 professional technicians. Besides, as an enterprise which has the most foreign experts among the industry in China, CMI has European Research & Development Center. In the area of the research, design, and building of offshore facilities like ship, offshore engineering, cruise and so on, CMI has strong competitive strength.

CMI is the largest shareholder of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CIMC), a diversified multinational conglomerate, and invested in more than a dozen companies such as China Merchants Commerce Leasing Co., Ltd, China Merchants Cruises Industry Development Co., Ltd, China Merchants Offshore & Marine Engineering Investment(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, China Merchants Aluminum(Chongqing) Co., Ltd, Yiu Lian Property Management Co., Ltd, Dishi Ship Auxiliary  Co., Ltd and etc. CMI also initiated the establishment of China Merchants & Ocean Strategy& Technology Fund (L.P.) of USD 1 billion. TSC Group, a leading global product and service provider of offshore drilling platforms, is indirectly-owned by the fund. Meanwhile, CMI has the second large tug fleet in Hong Kong which can provide all day towage service for all kinds of military ships and civil ships from all over the world.

At present, CMI is planning its global strategy layout, pursuing advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, taking the development of ocean economy as its duty, focusing on high-end, green and technical offshore equipment, and aiming to be a world class leading manufacturer and service provider of offshore facilities and cruise ships. CMI strives to build an industrial force towards the deep 

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