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Cruise Shipbuilding & Facilities

CMIH strives to build a world-class cruise shipbuilding base. By adhering to the principle of “Start Small to go Big, Simple to Difficult”,the Company successfully created a high-end brand image in cruise shipbuilding, focusing on developing the industry of cruise facilities,  facilitating the development of the cruise industry as well as its own transformation and upgrading.

Cruise Shipbuilding Base

The cruise shipbuilding base of China Merchants Cruise Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Planning) is located at the downstream of Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, adjacent to the Haimen base of CMHI. In line with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, the base incorporated advanced technologies including intelligentization and digitization by referring to the construction concept of foreign advanced cruise ships. It is a world-leading cruise shipbuilding base built in accordance with high standards and high requirements, covering an area of approximately 1,000 acres with the world’s largest indoor dock. The base is capable of meeting the production capacity requirements of 1.5 large-scale luxury cruise ships with a capacity of 220,000 DWT. It has an annual production capacity of 1 medium to large luxury cruise ship and 1.5 small to medium luxury cruise ships.

The base is equipped with a world-leading intelligent segmentation workshop with a highly integrated and centralized system, namely, Manufacturing Execution System (MES). In addition, taking into account the efficiency of work and flexibility of discrete manufacturing, we achieved efficient and intelligent segmentation manufacturing of thin plates. The cruise shipbuilding base has a smart steel yard, an intelligent prefabrication plant, a sheet metal cutting center, a profile cutting center, laser sheet line and T material robotic welding etc.

Cruise Facilities Industrial Park

In order to support the cruise shipbuilding and promote local economic development, CMIH cooperated with CMSK to plan the construction of a cruise facilities industrial park in Haimen Development Zone, aiming at developing a high-end international cruise city.
The cruise facilities industrial park covers an area of 2,000 acres, including a modular cabin unit factory, an aluminum product factory and glass product factory. Nevertheless, it also has an integrated office building, a testing center, a research and development center, an exhibition center and a bonded warehouse in the industrial park.

International Cruise City

International cruise city is located 10 km away from the cruise base (near Haimen City) and covers an area of approximately 1,000 acres. It has comprehensive facilities including a talent training center, a material R&D center, an international school, a high-end talent community area and a hotel.

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