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Code of Conduct

Work Attitude: Our People should demonstrate professionalism and integrity. Never engage in / encourage others to engage in unethical behaviors. One should take the initiative to report his/her dishonest practices and activities detrimental to Company interest, in order to seek for understanding and remedies of the mistakes. Moreover, the employee should understand that, achieving completion of the planned work on time and proper scheduling and planning of the next stage of work is the minimum requirements of the Company.

Performing Authority: All employees shall perform their duties in a fair manner according to the company regulations or the requirements of their superiors, and shall not abuse the Company power. In a fair and just manner with no preferences bias to deal with similar issues. Seek the advice of colleagues or superiors when dealing with special matters with difficulties.

Dealing with Problems: Each employee has the responsibility to report to the superior or the manager of Administration Department and Human Resources Department to reflect inappropriate, illegal, problematic way of manner, or whosoever may affect the work of others or the working atmosphere, while it is not appropriate to discuss with other employees to avoid or expand negative effects. The Company will conduct prompt and confidential investigations, take necessary measures to solve the problems reported. The Company will impose disciplinary sanctions to employees who have conducted negative discussions and spread false information.

Learning and Improvements: Employees should take the initiative to enrich and improve themselves through various ways of learning. Within the Company, employees should work together to promote a corporate culture of sharing ideas and learning from each other. In regards of external operations, management thoughts and practices, everyone should maintain an open attitude to accept different opinions as references. Our people should understand that the purpose of learning is not only to master the skills, but more importantly, to constantly enhance the spirit of “Patriotism, Self-Strengthening, Pioneering and Integrity” to the next level.

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