A Message From The Management

””””In November 1997, China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd (CMIH) was established on the foundations of Yiu Lian Dockyards Limited and China Merchants Development Co., Ltd. under a business strategy of ”°Diversifying the Group and Specializing the Companies”±. CMIH was to carry the strategy out in managing and developing industrial investment projects of China Merchants Group. 
””””CMIH has financial and technical strengths and highly qualified human resource backed by China Merchants Group. CMIH manages a total asset more than HK$60 million by owning the largest dockyard, the second larges tugboat fleet in Hong Kong and one of the ten largest ship repairers in mainland China. It also owns aluminum alloys processing manufacturer, the first Chinese-foreigner joint venture in China. Major activities of the CMIH are ship repairs, offshore engineering, steel structures and piping engineering, port machinery, aluminum alloys processing etc. 
    In the fully support of the society and the endeavour made by all the employees, CMIH has kept the business growing into a stable state. However, in order to meet the significant demand of ship repairs and to provide a comprehensive, convenient and high quality services, China Merchants Group has made an investment to expand the ship repairing business for building a new shipyard on Mazhou Island, Shenzhen, which had put into production by the December 2008. Based on the foundation of Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Ltd., the shipyard will be gradually developed to be a world-class, extra-large ship repairing yard. 
    Facing such a historical expansion opportunity, CMIH that relies on developing the strengths of China Merchants Group and adapting to the changing marketplace will reconfigure and improve of current resources, invest in continuous innovation and enhance overall competition capabilities by following principle and belief of ”°Customer First and Best Quality”±. The company will maintain the business growing properly in the scale, in the quality and in the efficiency and effectiveness in order to lay a solid foundation of building a world-class, extra-large shipyard. 
    With the support and concern by our partners, we are confident that CMIH will have a promising future.